• Windows Server 2008 HPC

  • $323.99 USD

  • Windows Server 2008 HPC
  • Windows Server 2008 HPC

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    $323.99 USD
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Client Testimonials


    Rudy Lara

    Service were great

    Service were great, after the purchase they send me download and key within 30 minutes easy to install


    Stephanie Gilreath

    Purchased Microsoft Publisher

    Purchased Microsoft Publisher from EK Software. Had a few questions and they were answered. Download and key were sent almost immediately. They made things super easy! Will go to them for future software needs.


    Wayne Vanevenhoven

    Flawless install

    The license and download link arrived in 10 minutes or so. Installation went perfectly on my windows 11 desktop.

  • Product Information

    Windows Server 2008 HPC


    Windows HPC Server 2008 brings you the ability to run high-end applications that require more resources and higher performance computing clusters — as the name suggests, HPC itself stands for “High-Performance Computing”. As opposed to regular versions of Windows Server, HPC is able to efficiently scale to thousands of cores with unique HPC workload features.


    The 64-bit only server operating system comes with the addition of the HPC Pack, which contains features to enhance your business. Cluster utilities, job queue, HPC runtimes, new high-speed NetworkDirect RDMA, and much more are included to ensure your confidence in taking your enterprise to the next level.


    In addition to the new features and changes in Windows HPC Server 2008, you still get to enjoy the critical Standard features such as Active Directory services. Any third-party application that doesn't require IIS, Exchange, or MSSQL* will also run identically to Standard editions. Don’t miss out on our amazing offer, and start using the reliable and efficient Windows HPC Server 2008.

    Note: Due to licensing issues, Windows HPC Server 2008 disables IIS, Exchange, MSSQL and Sharepoint. Because the licensing for HPC is specifically for the computational workload, it conflicts with the above-mentioned services.


  • Compatibility

    These are the minimum system requirements for installing Windows Server 2008 HPC.


    • CPU:1 GHz (IA-32) 1.4 GHz (x86-64 or Itanium)
    • RAM:512 MB
    • HDD:Other editions, 32-bit: 20 GB
    • Other editions, 64-bit: 32 GB Foundation: 10 GB
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