Windows 10 Home vs Pro: Which one is Best for You?

Not everybody knows what's the difference between the simpler Windows 10 Home, and the more advanced Windows 10 Pro editions. In this post, we will compare two versions of Windows 10 so that you can decide which one suits your needs best.

Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro are iconic operating systems from Microsoft. These two versions of Windows differ in how they are priced, what features they offer, and their system requirements.

Those who want to upgrade from a previous version of Windows or buy a new computer with Windows 10 already on it should consider which version is best for them before purchasing a product.

Differences Between Windows 10 Home and Pro

Security and Surveillance

Windows 10 is a safe operating system, but as always there are some misconceptions floating around. For the most part, Windows versions don't matter much and any application that runs on one will run on another version of Windows without problems.


However Microsoft's Pro edition offers certain features to make it more secure than others. For example, BitLocker encryption prevents hackers from accessing your files even if they're able to get past other security measures. It's easy to use, and doesn't require a special hard disk to apply the protection, and it comes integrated into windows 10 pro to allow for flawless compatibility.


Windows 10 Pro’s BitLocker now supports the XTS-AES encryption algorithm, too. If you’re thinking of upgrading, now is the best time.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop allows Windows 10 users to access Windows computers remotely over the Internet. Windows 10 Pro is able to support multiple displays and Remote Desktop connections, making it a useful tool for IT administrators. Manage your entire Windows network from a single computer.


If you are using Windows 10 Home edition, however, then this means that you must be physically at your PC to operate it. This may become a pain if you're away from home, or out of office.

Hyper-V Virtualization

Hyper-V is the most cutting edge hypervisor on Windows, but it does require you to have a licensed Windows 10 Pro OS that supports its virtualization. If this isn’t an issue for you and your plan includes running more than one VM at once, then Windows 10 Pro might be worth considering.


If you don’t meddle with virtual machines all that often, there are free products that offer similar features and work even on Windows 10 Home as well. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Hyper-V needs to be downloaded separately from your license.

Windows Sandbox

When you download a program from an unknown or unofficial source, it's always best to take caution. However, some people will always be curious — Does this application really work? Can you really just download a movie for free? Is this software safe to use? With Windows 10 Pro, you can easily get the answers you want.


Creating a sandbox environment is possible on Windows 10 Home, but Windows Pro which comes with sandboxing functionality built-in. Use the Windows Sandbox to quickly set up a safe testing environment, so apps can’t affect your real computer.

Management and Deployment

Business-users can take advantage of a large amount of features that didn’t make the cut into the Home version. This includes:


  • Group Policy, which allows Windows 10 Pro administrators to limit what users can do using a centralized set of roles.
  • Windows Store for Business, to purchase apps at volume and manage purchases or subscriptions for all users.
  • Assigned Access for creating a kiosk out of a PC, limiting users to only be able to access one app.
  • Windows Update for Business to better download and manage upcoming Windows 10 Pro updates.


If you’re an individual, especially one on a budget, Windows 10 Home definitely beats its business counterpart in the price category. The retail versions cost of a Windows 10 Home license will run you $119 USD from the official Microsoft store, or only $84.99 if you shop with us.


On the other hand, the Pro version will drain your pockets of $199 USD from the official store, and less intimidating $94.99 when you purchase from EkSoftware.

Final Thoughts

Windows 10 is an operating system that's used by people all over the world. Whether you're a home user or business professional, there are two versions of Windows 10 available for purchase and download – Home and Pro.


The difference between these two editions in how they are priced, what features they offer, and their system requirements should be easily understood with our list below!  If you have any more questions about this topic then please don't hesitate to contact us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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